Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Introducing PrimeFaces Extensions

In march 2011, I founded my first open source project called "PrimeFaces Extensions".

Our new application required a functionality to resize/rotate images and select a part of the image to do OCR (Optical Character Recognition), both with client-server communication.

I already had experience with JSF2 and PrimeFaces 2.2, so I decided to develop those components in my spare time based on PrimeFaces and commit it to a open source platform (Google Code).

After talking to Cagatay Civici (PrimeFaces founder and lead developer), I got green light to start the "PrimeFaces Extensions" project.

The first release contained this two components: ImageRotateAndResize and ImageAreaSelect.

Months later Oleg Varaksin joined my project as second lead and developer.
For the first big release (0.2), we developed many new components like CKEditor, MasterDetail, ResetInput and Layout.

Nevertheless, after 1,5 years of hard work, we can proudly say that we created some really unique and useful components which are used by many PrimeFaces users and also used in real-world applications!

Currently we are 6 developers around the world and we have about 25 components, functions, behaviors and converters.

Also some of our components and enhancements are now part of PrimeFaces and we also have a little influence on JSF 2.2 with our ResetInput component (JIRA Issue).

Thanks to Cagatay for PrimeFaces, Oleg for the great cooperation and the other PrimeFaces Extensions developers for their great work!


  1. Good introduction Thomas. Thanks.

    Do you plan to show little examples how to use some components? I would start with yours ImageAreaSelect and ImageRotateAndResize :-).

  2. The MyFaces showcase seems to be down.

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